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Hello, my name is Stephanie and I’m a picture freak. Living in a digital age, it’s easier to take more pictures, and less need to print them all, especially since I can pull them up on my computer at any time. I do print some for photo albums, like Disney World and Hawaii, as I purchased special photo albums for those photos.
Of course now I have all these great photos of my family and no way to show them off. I already have a ton of photos hanging on the wall, but my little house only has so much wall space. Since Tony has vetoed the idea of papering the walls in photos, I had to come up with something else!
Enter the DeSantis Family Yearbooks.


I start going month by month, this is easiest because it’s how my photos are sorted on my computer. The May page featured here has a few of my favorite pictures from that month and a brief explanation of what’s going on. Chiara turned 2 and moving into a big girl bed, Arthur’s preschool field trip and a goofy trip to the mall. Nothing life changing, but still good memories.


Aside from the regular month pages or spreads, I also do pages for specific events. Vacations usually get their own page as well as big life events. The above spread was about when Chiara broke her arm. Just over a year old and she broke her arm in a fall. It was more traumatic for me than her, but it was definitely noteworthy in 2011!

I get my books printed at Shutterfly. They have a very user-friendly website that let’s me use pre-designed pages, with the option to adjust as needed. I get the hard covered 20 page books, which allows for sturdiness and I also get to design the covers. I find 20 pages is enough for monthly pages, and it allows extra pages for the spreads.
The books can be pricey, $40 with shipping, but I use my coke points, you know those codes on your bottle tops and in the cases of coke products. One of the rewards you can cash your points in for is a free 8×8 20 page book, meaning I only have to pay $11 and change for shipping. 

If you’re a picture freak like me, hopefully this has inspired you to start your own family yearbooks. Enjoy!

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