Pirate Party

Chiara’s friend Jonah turned 5. 5 is such a big deal and their can be no better way to celebrate, than as a pirate!


Best part of any party is the games, and with a pirate theme, the possibilities are endless. One of the games we played was “Hook Ring Toss”. You could do like Jonah’s mom, and make your own hooks with solo cups and aluminum foil, or you could use hooks like these:


Just attach the hooks to a foam board or piece of cardboard. Rings of some kind, we used glow – necklaces and let the kids. go.


Sword ring toss was also fun. Also easy to make, you attach a sword to a box, get some rings and let the kids go.


The picture is not the best one, but there is the obligatory pin-it game: pin the patch on the pirate. This was a purchased game, but still fun. It also made it easy to know who’s piece was who’s because they were numbered.


This game is exactly what it sounds like. You get a hook, much like the one in my picture above, and let the kids try to scoop as many pretzels as they can. We were playing fast and loose on this one, but you could set up a time frame, 30 seconds or so, if you’re looking to have a winner.


It’s not a party without a cake! Jonah had this amazing treasure map cake, which was delicious! All in all, party was much fun!

Party on!

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