Better 7-11 Cherry Slurpees

I know that I’ve originally blogged about 7-11 Cherry Slurpees, they were delicious, but a little watery. I like my Slurpees nice and slushy! Then I was looking to make some today with my kids and realized that I’m a moron. I had added a full extra cup of club soda! No wonder it was watery!
Original recipe credit belongs to The Budget Savy Diva.

•2 cups chilled club soda
•2 1/2 cups crushed ice
•1/2 tsp grenadine
•1 packet cherry kool-aid mix
•1/2 cup sugar

Mix 1 cup of your club soda with the kool-aid, sugar and grenadine in a blender until it’s well combined. Add in your ice and blend till smooth. The directions say to just add the other cup of club soda and stir, but I blended it, taking no chances on watery Slurpees!


The kids kept telling me the blender was too loud, but I’m sure they’ll find it more exciting as they get older. Mommy sure gets excited about pulling the blender out!


Though the blender may have been loud, they still loved the drinks! They didn’t get to taste the sugary goodness the last time I made them, but they made up for it today, drinking most of the batch themselves.
Enjoy your summer everyone! Have a Slurpee!

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