Summer Fun

My drive home from work is usually decompress time for me. I think about anything other than work, which is my only rule. I could just sing along with my current playlist, currently the Home soundtrack, or think about what life would be like as a butterfly. It’s quite the varied list! Today, in typical Cleveland fashion, started out sunny and humid, turning suddenly to a torrential downpour. All I could think about was playing in the rain……
I walked in the door and told my family that was the plan. Chiara put on one of her dress-up dresses, informing me that it was her ‘rain dress’. We then grabbed our umbrellas and went outside to splash in puddles. It was so much fun!

Puddle splashing attire

Puddle splashing attire

Tony and I were spinning our umbrellas to fling water at the kids, they were running around beneath their umbrellas, Chiara with her cute cherry blossom and pandas and Arthur with Bumblebee, that’s a transformer for those who don’t know!
Zuko even came out to play for a bit, just running circles around us and shaking water off in every direction.

Zuko loved playing in the rain

Zuko loved playing in the rain

Now that the kids are our of school for the summer, I want to try to take more time to do different things with them. I’ve started a list of things to keep us entertained this summer, which I may or may not make into a fun poster, like my friend Jenna did with her fun fall list, but I’ve got some fun things so far! I’ll try to channel some creativity over the next day or so and come up with something visually appealing!
What about you? Do you have any fun family things you do once school is out?


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