Flowery Teacher Gifts


Please ignore the slight wilting of the flowers. They did perk back up after a good watering and some sunlight!
This is one of many great teacher gifts that I found on this nifty little site. They had some really cute ideas, so I know I’ll be back!
All you need is two flower pots, some paint, dirt and flowers.


Start by coloring the bottom of the pot with chalkboard paint. It did take two coats to have really good coverage, but if I can do this, so can you!


Second step is to paint the rim yellow. After the yellow is dry, add little hash marks like a ruler. Tony insisted on using his tape measure for this step. I couldn’t argue since they are his paints…..
After everything is dry, pot your flower or plant of choice. Then use standard chalk to write your message. The original pinner had “Thank you for helping me grow”, but I couldn’t quite manage that. It’s tough to draw on a round flower pot with chalk!
We made these for two of the best preschool teachers in the world. We were blessed enough to have them for a total of five years between the two kids. We will sure miss them when Chiara moves to kindergarten next year!
Happy end of the school year everyone!

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