Crafty Stained Glass


This was a project, adapted from this site, that was easy to throw together as a last minute rainy day activity. I shouldn’t say rainy, it was just dripping a little, but I wanted to get the kids off the kindles! All you need is wax paper, popsicle sticks, glue and markers, I used the sharpies I got for shield decorating.


First you need to make your frames. I used hot glue on the corners to make sure they were sturdy.


I used my trusty glue sticks to attach the wax paper to the frames. I folded the excess over and used more glue to ensure a sturdy hold. Cut off the excess if you so desire, I did.



Let the kids loose with the markers. I put them on a foam plate to protect my table, but it ended up not being necessary.


I geeked out a little on mine, adding shadowhunter runes. After all, a sharpie is a mundane’s stele!


I used tape to attach yarn as a means of hanging it.
Then you hang it in a window to add some color to your plain old windows! Gorgeous, simple and super fun for the kiddos!
Color on!

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