DIY Stele

So for those of you who were unaware, they are turning Cassandra Clare’s brilliant six book series, The Mortal Instruments, into an ABC series, Shadowhunters, set to premier in 2016. I am beyond elated!! The movie may have veered sharply away from the books, but I still enjoyed it. I’m definitely looking forward to the show!
In honor of this upcoming event, I have decided to show everyone how to make a stele. For the mundanes among us, a stele is the tool, similar to a wand, that allows shadowhunters to draw angelic runes on their skin, giving them different abilities, be it healing, strength or agility.
The original pin, currently on my crafty board, is just a picture with no original site, so unfortunately I can’t link back to the original designer.


You start with some clay. These little packs were only $.98 at Walmart and i actually only used one of the grey and 1/4 of the black.


Roll out your stele, keeping in mind it is about the length of a pencil. You want it sturdy enough to grip, so don’t make it as thin as a pencil. Roll out part of your black in a thin, long piece.


Wrap the black around the grey and roll them together. Once they are blended together, use a book or another hard surface to flatten the edges a bit. Steles aren’t round, but squared off with a twist.


After you have the squared off part taken care of, draw some runes on it. These can easily be pulled up on the internet or Pinterest for inspiration. I never claimed to be Clary Fray, creator of runes, but I was pretty impressed with how these came out.
I used a technique that my husband taught me when I made my salt dough family around Christmas time. Take a toothpick, but instead of dragging it through the clay, which leaves excess clay sticking up, poke a series of dots that connect into a line.


Once you are satisfied with your runes, I did all four sides, line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. I twisted my stele at this point, gently so as not to tear it. Bake at 275° for at least 30 minutes. These were the directions from original picture, but adding time on, mine ended up being in the oven, my own personal Iron Sisters Forge (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the series), for almoat an hour.
It will still be a little soft when you pull it out, but you don’t want it to scorch, so let it sit on a counter or shelf till it firms up the rest of the way.


And now I am ready to battle demons alongsidethe Nephilim. All I need now is a witchlight…….

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