Vampire Academy


Does anyone want to pretend to be shocked that I have found another amazing series? I don’t know if I have that kind of acting in me! I know this series has been around for a little while, but there are definitely perks to starting a series once all the books are already out! Harry Potter was the worst for me because I devoured the first four, then had the agonizing wait for five, six and seven! The Mortal Instruments wasn’t too bad, I only had a short wait for the last one. It was the same with The Heroes of Olympus.

But onto the story:
The Vampire Academy series introduces us to a different view on vampire life. From what I understand, Richelle Mead, the author of this amazing series, read about three types of ‘vampires’ in Russian mythology and crafted a world around them.
First we have the Moroi, born vampires that need blood to survive, but they don’t kill when drinking and they have the ability to use one of five types of magic. The traditional earth, air, fire, water and the very rare, spirit. They age as humans do, but have super sensitive senses. (That sentence was a little weird for me, but I don’t know how else to express it.) They are uncomfortable in sunlight, but it won’t kill them. Second we have the Strigoi. These are also vampires, but are created either by forcibly turning a human, Moroi or Damphir (more on them in a minute) or when a Moroi chooses to kill while drinking, giving up sunlight and their magic in exchange for immortality. They kill while drinking blood. Lastly we have the Damphirs. More commonly referred to as Guardians throughout the series, Damphirs originated as the mortal offspring of humans and Moroi. Over time it was discovered that Moroi and Damphir would have Damphir offspring. They have no magic, no need of blood and no aversion to sunlight, but they do have better senses than humans and are very strong. They are traditionally responsible for protecting Moroi from Strigoi.
The series focuses on one young Damphir, Rosemarie Hathaway, Rose, who is the shadow-kissed guardian of Vasilissa Dragomir, Lissa. While not officially her guardian, as Rose is only 17, the two have been inseperable since childhood and share a strange, psychic bond that allows Rose to sense Lissa’s emotions and sometimes see inside her head. A frightening series of events caused Rose and Lissa to run away from the St. Vladimir’s Academy, the school they attend. After two years on the run, the girls are brought back.
Rose is tutored by the Russian guardian Dimitri Belikov (side note: he is amazing!) to catch her up after missing two years of guardian training. A special bond forms between these two after they rescue Lissa from the threat that originally made them flee.
The series continues, pushing these two together, tearing them apart, letting you think everything will be ok, then dashing your hopes again.

Love for the Damphirs is never easy due to the first rule they are taught: They (meaning the Moroi) come first.

I loved the series enough to devour all six books in eight days, impressing even myself. The chapters leave you hanging, so you have to keep reading. The individual books leave you hanging, meaning you have to immediately start the next. The end of book three especially breaks your heart, and you have to keep reading to see if what was lost can be restored. At the end of book four you think it’ll be ok, then the very end breaks you all over again. I didn’t cry very much, but more than I thought I would after reading books like The Fault in Our Stars.
If you enjoy non-traditional, otherworldly love stories with a twist, this is a definite must read series. The movie was ok, but, like always, the books are better!

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