Book of Life Birthday Party


My sweet baby girl turned five on May 3rd this year. I’m not really sure how that happened. Arthur had the nerve to turn eight only a few short weeks ago, which was celebrated in dragon training fashion, but Chiara wanted a Book of Life theme, which is all about Day of the Dead. Let the fun commence!
I’ve already talked about the games: Pin the Flower on La Muerta and Birthday Party Bull Fighting so now I’m going to talk about the overall theme.


Her invitation featured La Muerta and, if you’re paying attention, Manolo. I found an image I liked and did a little playing around in Paint. Nothing like getting back to basics! Then I had 3x5s developed at Walmart. It’s that easy!


The cake started out as this. I was a little amused at myself that I was going to make a sugar skull cake out of a jack-o-lantern, but maybe that’s just me.


Once I did some outlining, it started to come together. Be kind because I have never claimed to be an artist!


Here was my slightly lopsided La Muerta cake.


For background color, I added an orange $.97 tablecloth to the red and black I had from Arthur’s birthday.
The kids decorated their own favors, much as they did at Arthur’s party, except instead of shields, we were decorating sugar skull masks.
We had a great time, but then again, we usually do when playing with friends!

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