Birthday Party Bull Fighting


I had a difficult time coming up with games to go with Chiara’s Book of Life party theme. I rose to the challenge, even if it was last minute! In addition to Pin the Flower on La Muerta, I found a way to ‘bull fight’.
All you need for this game is 10-12 cups that can get banged around a bit, I had my spray painted Olive Garden cups from last year’s game Knock Down the Ice Palace and a ball.
I printed off 12 pictures of the bull from Book of Life (they look funny because I was running out of ink) and taped them to the cups, using my perpetual favorite, packing tape. I also printed a picture of Manolo and taped him to the ball. I had to add a few straight cuts so that I could make him lay flat on the ball. The cuts allow you to overlap pieces of the image and prevent bunching.


Stack the cups up however you or the kids would like and then……


…..go fight some bulls!
Simple and entertaining. What more can you ask for a kids party?

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