Pin the Flower on La Muerta


Pin the _____ on the _______. Always a popular game and my favorite part is that you can adjust this game for any party theme! We even did something similar for Arthur’s party last year, Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda. This year was all about The Book of Life
Once you have your theme, figure out what you can pin your piece on, in this instance a flower and print off, or find a poster of, your main image. I printed mine off and, to give it a little more sturdiness, attached it to a piece of scrapbook paper. Then I covered the umage with packing tape to prevent the flowers from ripping it when they were removed.


The flowers were a little time consuming, but I love the way they turned out.


I took a piece of yellow construction paper, cut out a circle the right size to go with my La Muerta picture. Then I cut out two circles of yellow tissue paper and attached them with two crossed staples.


Then I squeezed it a little like a paper fortune teller until it had a little shape. A little tape on the back and on the next one.


The kids had a good time with this game! Nothing is more fun than blindfolding 4 and 5 year olds, spinning them around and letting them go!
So what do you think? Does it inspire you to create a pin-the game for your next party?

3 thoughts on “Pin the Flower on La Muerta

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