How to Train Your Dragon Party


This was the invite for my son’s super awesome birthday party. I got the template for the invitation from this amazing site and did the editing on Paint. A little old school, but so much fun! Once I had the wording correct, I simply sent the picture to the Walmart photolab as 3×5 pictures. Once you pick them up, all you have to do is cut off the white edges.


I racked my brain to figure out what kind of cake to make for a How to Train Your Dragon party. I was going through the 80+ Wilton cake pans in the basement (Thanks mom! It’s her collection being stored down there) and stumbled across a lamb cake pan.


Yes a lamb! I stood there for a few minutes, holding the pan, realizing I could make this work.


I did my outline and it fell into place. I don’t claim to be the Cake Boss, but the kids loved it!


For the decor, I kept it simple, using the $.97 tablecloths, in red and black, from Walmart, layering them, cutting them and knotting them. Just for some interest, and to help hide my messy side room!

The kids really had a blast at the party this year. Be sure to take a look at my other party posts:
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