Shield Decorating


An artist I am not. This was an adorable pin that I found while planning Arthur’s 8th birthday party and I have to take a minute to say that the original pinner was a genius. It also lets the kids make their own favors!


I started with several large boxes, empty ones from work. You will need two cardboard cutouts for each shield, so make sure you have enough cardboard to work with. It’s easiest to use a stencil and outline your circles before going to town with your boxcutter. Boxcutter was the easiest method for cutting that we found.


Once you have two circles, you need to cut two slits, wide enough to feed tape through, in the center of one of your circles. You will now need a long strip of duct tape. Fold it in half, so that the sticky sides adhere to each other. Then you feed your strip of duct tape through your slits.


Use more duct tape to firmly secure the ends of your strips to the back of your circle. When I say back of your circle, I mean the side with any writing or design on it.
Your next step is to put the two backs (designed) sides together and seal the edges together with yet more duct tape. Be extra sure that the outer sides of your shields are blank. It’s much easier to decorate!


I bought a big pack of colored sharpies and let the kids go to town. It was a nice way to handle the arrival times, as the all of the kids rarely arrive at the same time.


I found online, after much searching, this grouping of How to Train Your Dragon shield designs featuring different dragons. Thought it would give the kids a little inspiration. The picture I found through Bing search didn’t give me an attached link, so I can’t reference the source on this one.


Later on, after everyone had decorated their shields, I paired them up with pool noodle lightsabers from last year’s birthday party, and they all had a great time running around the yard.
These didn’t take long to put together and they were a huge hit. Only recommendation is to have duct tape on standby for field repairs on the handles.
Play on everyone!

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