Feed the Dragon

If you like toss-across or cornhole, this is a great game! I got the idea for this game from a pin on Pinterest, shockingly.
I started by taking a giant piece of cardboard, we recently got a new door, so I had a monster one, and folded into a triangle. I then went ballistic with duct tape!


The kids thought this was a tent, so we had to play for a little bit, obviously! I have a bunch of different colors of duct tape, leftover from when I made my duct tape flowers, so I used blue for the sky and green for my mutant looking grass.


My next step started with me buying a new printer as our old one died and was never replaced. Then I discovered the joys of wireless printing from my phone, as I printed out full size pictures of the main dragons. Once they were printed, I cut them out and used packing tape to put them on my cardboard tent.


After the dragons were attached, I cut holes, which we later had to enlarge, that the kids could throw their “fish” through. The original pin had the mouths cut out, but I couldn’t get the dragons big enough for that to work.
I went to town with my sharpie next, writing the dragons names and writing the name of the game.


These are probably the ugliest “fish” ever used in a game, and I mean ever, but I have no sewing skills, and had no time to torture my husband into it. I took some of Arthur’s holey socks, thoroughly laundered, so don’t get grossed out, filled them with rice and tied them off. I drew little eyes on them with a sharpie to make it even worse!


The kids were enjoying themselves, even before Tony enlarged the holes, making it possible to feed the hungry dragons. You may be able to see in the above shot, at least a little, but we did reinforce the box against the beanbags with additional pieces of cardboard acting as braces. They were held in place by our favorite accessory, duct tape!
If you decide to make and play this game, I hope you have as much fun as we did with it!
Play on everyone!

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