Sheep Toss


This year for Arthur’s birthday, he chose a How to Train Your Dragon theme. Naturally I perused Pinterest and created an entire board on the subject.
This particular party game was adapted from this pin. I read through the tutorial they had written, but decided to change it up to make it a little more my speed. They’re version is a lot fancier than mine, but this is the suburbs and these are seven and eight year olds, so I decided to make it a little simpler.


My sheep started out with a bag of this, purchased at Walmart, and a ball of white yarn.


I made little sheep faces, yes they look rediculous, but so do the sheep in the movies.


After bundling the stuffing with white yarn, which was an entertaining evening for me, I used my hot glue gun to attach the faces.
The baskets were also purchased at Walmart, if you recall, I work there, so most of my shopping is done there. We needed new laundry baskets anyway…..
I dug into my scrapbooking supplies for the tags, and browsed the internet for the dragon designs. The three dragon shield designs I chose included the Nightfury, the Zippleback and the Scauldron. It took some work to find these designs, as I am in no way an artist and did not want to wing it.


I was really embarrassed by my sheep, so I started this game with white balloons, sheep faces drawn on with a marker, and a little bit of water for weight. We only got one toss out of each balloon, as they popped after hitting the grass. We also used my “fish” from another game (check back tomorrow for more on that), but I finally dug out the sheep. They didn’t hold up very well, but they actually worked the best!


My friend Jenna had as much fun as the kids playing this game!
we did have luck on our side, as it was a gorgeous day outside, but I would recommend a tossing game for any kids birthday party. There are so many ways to adapt this, it can be adjusted for almost any theme!
Party on everyone!

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