Get Rid of Old Stains


I have a plan for some of my children’s old baby clothes. I’m not crazy mommy that kept everything, but I did keep a few of my favorite outfits for the sake of keeping them, especially their coming home outfits. I also kept a few that had fun patterns or snarky shirts, for another Pinterest type of project. I was devastated when I pulled out the bags of clothes and there were stains. The clothes were clean when I put them away! My solution, as usual, was to turn to Pinterest!
This pin explained that even if you put clothes away clean, enzymes from diaper blowouts and spit up can break down when stored and leave yucky yellow stains. Yuck! I was worried that my plan was doomed, until the original blogger explained how it can be cleaned.


All you need is OxiClean and water! I’ve used this product before, and while I’ve seen it help brighten clothes, I’ve never seen it remove stains this bad. Apparently there is a trick to using it! You start with your biggest pot, about half full of water. Boil the water, then add two scoops of OxiClean.


WARNING! Add the scoops slowly. Pour a little, let it bubble, pour some more. Yes it takes time, but if you drop one whole scoop at a time, you will get results like above, a bubbly, overflowing mess that is a pain to clean off your stove top!
After you’ve added your OxiClean, put your clothes in, ensuring that they all get soaked in the solution.
Just like with your laundry, you should separate whites, lights, darks and reds to prevent colors bleeding.
After your clothes soak for 5-10 minutes, dump the pot of water and your clothes into the washer and launder as normal.


In addition to the first picture, I had this onsie that had some epic stains come clean. Definitely something to remember if you have children. Let’s be honest, even adults need this tip for their own clothes. I have some work shirts that will be undergoing this treatment soon!
Any stains you need to ditch?

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