Send a Hug

This was a really cute pin that I found. It’s been on my Valentine board for a little while, but it seemed easy enough to make this at the same time as our Valentines this year.
I really enjoyed the idea of a hug you can mail, as we have a lot of family that lives out of state.


You start, at least the way I made them, by outlining and cutting out your children’s hands on paper, you’ll want something about as thick as scrapbooking or construction paper. These are Arthur and Chiara’s hands. Aren’t they adorable?!


Your next step is to take some yarn, or ribbon and cut a length that goes from hand to hand. I went to about the middle of their hands to allow room to attach it.


I used tape and one staple per hand to attach my red yarn.

Now you have a hug you can send to a special family member who may be missing their young family members. It’s also a reminder at how fast they grow. When they get older, you’ll have that reminder of how their little arms would have to stretch for a hug!

Happy hugging all!

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