Decorate With Thirty-one

So today isn’t about anything crafty or delicious that I’ve made, it’s not even about a good book or movie. Today is about decorating the kids room with an adorable gift from their Nana and Papa!
I’m hoping that almost everyone has heard of thirty-one by now. It’s a company that functions like Tupperware, sold in parties and can be used for everything. I have many bags, Tony will tell you too many, but what does he know?
My mom was asking recently if I had any bags I wanted and I told her the only ones I was interested in were the semi-new snap-bags. Then I explained what I wanted to do with them, and she bought them for my kids.


Here we have six snap-bags, each with a letter from Arthur’s name, hanging from a decorative curtain rod, $6.98 at Walmart. I loved the idea of this! It’s a cute way for the kids to store toys, especially their current favorites. I constantly get the reasoning of, “Mom, this is my favorite and it will get lost in the toy box.” It won’t now! Arthur can put whatever little Lego project he’s working on in a bag at the end of the night, or even one of his medium Transformers will fit! Kids also love anything with their name on it!


Of course Chiara has a set too. The purple color had two complementing patterns, so my mom alternated each letter to a different pattern. She’s already started putting her ponies and little princess dolls in the bag so they don’t get lost. I tried telling her to clean her room, but that ‘is very hard work!’

Do you think something like this would work for your kids?

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