Snowflakes with the Family


Simple, decorative and a great family activity. What else do I need to say? With as much time as I spend at work, I love doing things with my kids when I’m off. A few days ago, we introduced the kids to the art of making snowflakes!
Our printer broke a few months ago, after purchasing new ink cartridges and paper, of course, so I have a whole ream of white paper. The kids and I made a bunch of snowflakes by folding the paper in quarters. Tony then put his two cents in, after referencing the boy scout handbook, and started diamond folding the paper.
There are a ton of stencils for different snowflakes available through Pinterest, of course I found these after we made most of ours.


Chiara was having fun just putting straight cuts into her folded paper.


Arthur was very intent on his desgins, using my scrapbooking scissors.
As long as they’re having fun, that’s really all that matters!
Then, after you’ve made as many as you like, use some scotch tape, you should have it around anyway from all that wrapping, to stick them in your windows!
Make like Elsa, and make your own snowflakes!


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