Scrabble Tile Ornaments


First of all, don’t judge me! Yes, I’m sure many of you are sick of the Frozen franchise, but I’m still very in love with it. I had purchased two bags of assorted scrabble tiles, approximately two sets of what comes in the board game, from for a seperate project. After pulling all of the tiles I needed, I still had quite a few tiles left over. My crafty soul couldn’t stand to leave them alone!


Tony and I spent a few days playing around to see what we could spell out. He mostly found naughty words, which I shot down, yes I can be a buzzkill, but I did settle on a few that I thought would be cute ornaments.
After making final decisions, I got out my mini glue gun and went to town. I did get a little overzealous with the glue in places, but it was still fun.
I have this tiny bag full of ribbon scraps, part of some leftover goody bag the kids had received, and I decided they would work perfectly for this project.


I ended up layering two or three ribbons per ornament, just for a little more color interest.


Using the glue gun again, I attached the ribbon, like so, so we have something to hang the ornament from.
So far I’ve only completed ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Read Books’


I still have to add ribbon to the ‘I Love You’ tiles, but I think these will make cute little Christmas gifts. What do you think?

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