Salt Dough Family


Pretty cute, yes? My friend Jenna has been pinning and blogging a lot about salt dough. I pinned a few of the pins and decided to try this one a few weeks ago with the family. Yes, it took a few weeks to finish this one. I love the smell of it, it held the design well, but this took forever to dry. I mean it, FOREVER!!
Original recipe from here is as follows:
•1 cup flour
•1/2 cup salt
•1/2 cup water
•1 tbsp cinnamon, this is optional, but gives a nice color and smell


Mix your dry ingredients together, you’ll start appreciating the smell as soon as you add the cinnamon! Mix in the water and knead everything together. It can be very soothing, so just dig in, let the kids take turns, until you get a texture you like. Something like playdough is what you’re after.
Once you get the right texture, use a rolling pin, or a wine bottle, as I’ve used in the past, to roll the dough flat. Hopefully you’ve figured out what you want to make by now, but I adapted an idea, from Pinterest of course, for family handprints.
Taking turns, we placed our handprint on the dough:


Tony first.


My turn next, and yes, those are my jammies because we were having a family day at home!




Finishing up with Chiara.

You will need to press down firmly, we actually pushed the kids hands down to make sure we had a good impression. Just start with the biggest hand and work down, one on top of the other.
After we had the impressions done, I tried to figure a way to put our name on it, but I didn’t want the edges dug up, like sand. Tony showed me how to poke the letters into the dough, using a chopstick, to avoid that problem.


I went simple and just did our name and the date. Don’t forget to poke holes so you can hang it up.
I had found two methods of drying the dough. Tried 250° oven, and it hardened it a little, but not completely. Let it sit out, a week later it was mostly hard, but still a little bendy. Tony and I came to the conclusion that because it was so big, the dry time was much longer!
Finally, it was dry enough to paint! We all selected colors we like, and Tony went to work.


My painting skills, like my spray painting are not the best, so he took care of it.
Only concern with this first attempt was that during the drying process, the dough bowed up.


Still love the finished product, just something for you to look out for during your own project.
Happy crafting all!

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