Fun With Fall Leaves


This was a cute post i found here about making a candle holder using fall leaves. I’m a sucker for fall! I love the smell of it in the air, everything has a burnished look, the beautifully colored leaves dancing in the cool breezes, all the way to the spicy scent of baked goods. When I saw this pin, it was a no brainer!
You start with a glass jar, mine was an old pickle jar, some mod podge and, of course, fall leaves. After my first attempt, I actually read the blog, instead of just looking at the pictures because it turned out a little goofy!


The leaves kept popping off the edges and refused to lie flat. Yes, inanimate objects refused to listen to me!


After reading the blog, I learned you need to press the leaves for at least 36 hours. Simple process: pick the leaves you like, get a thick book (my choice was What to Expect in the First Year), and put the leaves between the pages.


After the leaves are pressed, you start your process. I’ve found it’s easiest to do small sections at a time. Don’t coat the entire jar at once, or you’ll never get it done before it starts to dry.


After you have some mod podge on the glass, press your leaf onto the glue. You will need to press the leaf for a few minutes until it has good adhesion, then paint another layer of mod podge over the top. This extra layer helps give the leaves a shiny look and helps preserve the color.
I still had the problem of the edges of the leaves popping up a little, but it’s still beautiful with the candle flickering inside!
Happy crafting!

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