Clean Your Cookie Sheets

So I do want to start by saying that this was a huge let down! The original blog, which is no longer up, made this sound like it would work miracles. I was less than thrilled!
You know how your cookie pans get disgusting over time? Black and splotchy, just icky looking in general? Well I only have the one cookie sheet and it was looking pretty gross:


You see all the ick? It’s clean in this picture, but it sure doesn’t look it! The original blog said to make a paste, using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You want it to have the consistency of toothpaste. Once you have your paste, smear it on your cookie sheet. I tried this multiple times with different consistencies to try and make it work:


This was my super concentrated batch and do you know what I got? This:


This little circled bit, and that was after putting a lot of elbow grease behind it. The original blog stated that it would take very little scrubbing for amazing results…… As previously stated, huge let down!
Don’t waste your time on this one folks!

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