A Seaside Wedding

I was glancing through some old posts and realized I haven’t posted anything for the month of September! Shame on me! In my defense: we’ve had to prep our store for inventory, which is an absolute adventure. My dear friend Mia also got married! That was an adventure, but in a beautiful way!


My friend Mia is anything but traditional, as you can probably tell ^.^
Through the wedding process I was introduced to the beautiful Surfside Beach, SC. It’s south of Mrytle Beach and a lot less commercial.


Mia, the beautiful pink haired girl in the middle was our bride of the day. I am wearing the strapless dress on the right and Mia’s friend from forever, Mary, is on the left.


The flowers of course had to be bright to match Mia’s personality and color palette. They featured lillies, the beautiful orange asiatic lillies and the bright pink stargazers, white roses, Mia’s favorite birds of paradise and peacock feathers because Mia likes to say cock feathers. There were some other filler flowers that I can’t name. There was also some glittery tulle attached to them.


The guys were also casual in golf shorts and polos. When I saw Kevin, the groom’s, outfit choice, I did have some doubts about how well it would go, but Kevin, like Mia can make things work that probably shouldn’t! ^.^


I should’ve remembered that love makes everything work!


In lieu of a traditional alter or aisle, Kevin and Tony, my own sweetie, traced a heart in the sand, along with the happy couple’s initials. It was very sweet. And let’s be honest, a beach wedding, you have to draw in the sand!


Mia had another brainstorm, the morning of the wedding, about using the hibiscus growing around the hotel for our hair. Mia and Mary, both being single, wore their flowers on the right, while mine was on the left, where the married women wear it.


Chiara, seeing our flowers insisted on having her own. We found her some hydrangea, in two shades of pink, to carry.
Some might say this wedding was thrown together, but it was sweet, charming and absolutely Mia. Sorry Kevin, but the wedding does flow from the bride, and this was spot on!

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