Frozen Slime

I purchased supplies for this pin a few days ago, but the timing didn’t quite work out. Then today we have been crafting and playing fools. We went to the theater this morning to see Lego Movie, its part of their summer movie program so we only paid $.50 a piece. My kind of deal. So now, Tony is off playing with his buddy, Leo, and the kids and I are putzing around the house.
Chiara loves Frozen! As evidenced by her Frozen themed birthday. I knew as soon as I saw this Frozen Slime recipe, I knew we had to do this!


All you need is a bottle of blue glitter glue and up to 8 oz of Sta-Flo liquid starch. Both of which I picked up at Walmart, super convenient, you know, working there and all. The starch was super cheap too, so that was a little exciting for me.
The original pinner called for the ingredients to be chilled, but Chiara didn’t want it to be cold. After perusing some other slime sites, more to come on that later, I decided it would be fine at room temperature.
I started by putting the glue in the bowl and just putting small amounts of liquid starch in at a time. Remember that you can always add more, but if you have no more glue to add (which I didn’t) you have to scrap it.


Once we got to a good consistency, where it would ooze just a little over the sides of my hands, I let Chiara have at it!


She was having a ton of fun with it, but it started getting a little overly sticky, so we had to pause and add more liquid starch. Too sticky, add starch, too gooey, add glue (or start over).


Ignoring the face she’s making, we got an awesome consistency that let us stretch it out, almost like looking through a sheet of ice!


The stretchy fun just never ends!
The site said that the slime should keep for a few months in an air tight container, so we sealed them in some old olive jars that I save for random Pinterest stuff, like this!




Once Tony got home, he had some memories of how he played with Gak back in the day. So aside from making fart noises with it, he showed the kids how to blow bubbles with the slime. Great parenting at work……

Frozen slime is on the bottom (hopefully you realized this) and the top jar will be covered tomorrow. See you then!
Happy sliming all!!

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