Balloon Rockets

Super fun and super easy! Is there anything else I need to say about this activity? It’s summer. Kids need activities, or kids get bored, and bored kids make mommy and daddy crazy. End of story!
This was an interesting pin I found a few months ago, I decided today was perfect! The kids were fantastic while we had someone in to look at the basement today, so they deserved something fun.
This was really easy, so I liked it that much more. All you need is a straw, a balloon, some yarn and tape. I blew up the balloon (be sure you don’t tie it off!), then I had Tony tape the straw to the balloon. He then fed the yarn through the straw.


I had taped the yarn to the wall across the living room, the original pin says to use chairs, but I wanted a good distance.


Tony held the string tight, I was holding the balloon closed, we did a count down and released! We ended up doing this about a dozen times before I wanted a break. The kids were loving it though! We’ll definitely be doing this again, in fact I left the yarn attached to the wall. It’s curled up on the fish tank and waiting for action!
The original pinner was talking about how this has scientific applications, a force exerted in a direction, and so on and so forth. I’m sure when the kids get older, I’ll get into all that, but at 7 and 4, they couldn’t care less about the physics of it all.
I did have a video of this working, but apparently I can’t upload it without paying some kind of fee. If I ever work it out, I’ll come back and fix it!
So just have fun with it!

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