Around the Head French Braid


Tonight is all about a hairstyle. I don’t have a link or a pin about this one. It was one of those pictures that circulate on Facebook. No link, just a picture. Tonight, after her bathtime, I bribed Chiara with Chicken-in-a-biscuit (crackers) to sit and let me play with her hair.


Bribery always works on this little girl!


She wasn’t 100% cooperative so this was a bit blurry! You start by pulling the hair into a ponytail at the crown if the head, leaving the edges of your hair down. Depending on your hair’s thickness, for instance if you have a 4 year old’s baby fine hair, you may need to have most of the hair in the ponytail.


I started above her left ear and went up over the crown of her head. You take a small chunk of hair and separate it into two pieces and take the third piece from the ponytail.
After some playing around I discovered that it’s best to take more hair from outside the ponytail and smaller pieces from the ponytail. Otherwise you will run out of hair!


You continue around the outside of your head. When you get to the underside of your head, it gets a little tricky. A clip may help, or you can flip the excess of the ponytail over the top of your head.


As previously stated, it’s easy to run out of hair from the ponytail. Baby fine hair strikes again!
Once you reach the last of your ponytail hair, the easiest solution I found was to tuck the end of the hair under the braid and use some bobby pins to hold it in place.
All in all, I love the hairstyle, but I’ll wait till Chiara’s hair thickens up a little more. Or if someone with longer and thicker hair wants to volunteer……
Happy braiding!

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