Lego Expo


This was awesome! All the details can be found on the Great Lakes Science Center website. So this will be my view on the exhibit. I do want to say that if you go the science center, the Lego Expo is included in the price, unlike when they had the Titanic exhibit, which cost extra.


The tour starts with a gallery, entirely built by Arthur Gugick. It’s incredible! He built amazing landmarks, from the St. Petersburg palace to the Jefferson Memorial. The detail on his work is incredible.


This was another amazing work by this artist. My favorite painting in the world, completely redesigned with Legos. I would hang this in my living room if I could sneak it out!


This artist amazed me further with an amazing world he built from Legos. I have some of the highlights shown here.
I could have this blog and do nothing but show pictures of the awesomeness they created, but instead I’ll tell more about why you should go!


They have an area that is strictly for building. It got really hectic when we first got there because it was very crowded. As the evening went on, the crowd thinned out and it became easier. You have the opportunity to build anything you can imagine. Once it’s built, you take it to the green screen photo booth. You capture the image of your creation, select your background, if you want to, add a picture of yourself and then you email it to yourself.
The kids and I all did one, and Tony even did one. It was a unique and fun thing to do.


Another fun activity that was available, was to build a Duplo car and race it, pinewood derby style. Chiara killed at this. To the point that she was doing her ‘I won’ dance and didn’t want to leave the tables.


Giant displays of historic transportation. Transcontinental railroad, space shuttle, zeppelin and the Wright brothers flight. Arthur was bouncing around trying to see everything before circling around more slowly. They were amazing!


They also had a race car built out of Duplos. There is a sign saying don’t climb on it, other than the seat, so watch your kids! I was a little bummed that I didn’t fit!


Last but not least, we hit the gift shop. They have the required Lego kits and books about Legos. The Legos I can get at Walmart, the books I can get from Barnes & Noble, but they did have some nifty odds and ends. We went with headphone wrappers since they’ll come in handy on vacation. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back before the Expo ends, September 7, 2014, to pick up some stocking stuffers. They have key chain lights that are really cute, but a little pricey considering we’re saving for vacation.
If you’ll be going through Cleveland this summer, I’d definitely say stop in. Especially if you have a master builder of your own!


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