Snowflake Cake and Frozen Party Snacks


This was the cake I made for Chiara’s Frozen birthday party. I do want to start off by saying I suck at smoothing icing. My mom even saw this picture and asked why I didn’t smooth it all the way. My response: I did my best. She says she’ll show me how to do it right the next time I see her. I can’t wait as she’s the one who taught me how to decorate cakes to begin with!
I started off with the 3 circular pans and a vanilla cake mix the night before. The next morning, the day of the party, I made up some of my awesome icing and got started decorating. Biggest layer on the bottom,  a layer of frosting, tinted to that beautiful color using a little of Scooby Doo Teal. Who knew that would yield a Frozen blue?!
As I stacked the layers, I kept the back of the circles flush so I would have more room to put her name. Once I reached the top, I used a toothpick to shape the snowflake design I wanted. Once I got something I was happy with, I traced it with white icing. Then I just iced her name and how old she was. Gorgeous all over, according to the birthday girl!


The only other Frozen snack we agreed on for the party was chocolate drizzled popcorn.
I probably shouldn’t have used the extra butter popcorn we keep on hand, but it was still good regardless. I popped a bag of our popcorn, and dumped it into a bowl. Then I melted down some of the white chocolate morsels I bought for this purpose and drizzled it over the popcorn.
I drizzled it over the popcorn while it was in the bowl, but I think in the future I would lay it over a tray to ensure better coverage. It was still good regardless. Chiara would’ve sat and ate the entire bowl had I let her!
Enjoy the snackage and feel free to post pictures of your own Frozen food!

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