Pin the Nose on Olaf


This idea was from Pinterest, but sadly the picture didn’t link to anything. It seemed pretty self explanatory.
I got my Olaf from a school project that my son brought home. I did something similar for my son’s birthday. I layered the Olaf over several sheets of scrapbook paper and put packing tape over the front (poor man’s laminate), so it can hold up to noses being stuck on it.
I don’t claim to be super artisitc, but I made myself a stencil of a nose shape that I was happy with and cut out around 12 of them.


Arthur did alright and managed to get it on Olaf at least. The girls, not so much. They both put it on the wall next to the door. Oh well, they’re only 4! It was a fun, Frozen themed game that tied right in with Chiara’s birthday, so I’m calling this a win!
Olaf pictures can be found online to print off yourself, you could pull one out of a coloring book, or, given the simplicity of his design, you could draw an Olaf on a piece of paper. Then all you need is tape and a blindfold!
Play on everyone, play on!

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