Make Gaming Sandbags


So this was a quick and fun (for me anyway) pin that I used for Arthur’s birthday party. The original pin links back to this nifty little site that features a ton of carnival type games.
You start with balloons, sand and scissors.


I bought the sand out of the craft department, which had I thought about it, I would’ve grabbed some from Home Depot or something. My husband certainly was holding onto that fact! That is until he put it in our hurricane vase as decor. Now it’s ok!
Next step is to fill one balloon with sand and tie it off. After tieing it off, you snip as close to the knot as possible.


Next step, take a second balloon and cut the neck and lip off.


Then all you have to do is place the cut balloon around the sand filled balloon, covering the knot.
Et voilà! Beanbags (or sandbags in this case) worthy of any game you play. Be it corn hole or knocking over an AT – AT.
Happy gaming!

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