Hit the AT – AT


This one didn’t come out as well as I had hoped it would, but the kids sure enjoyed it! I can’t reference the original site as the link was broken, but it was a really cute idea. The original picture had a picture of an AT – AT that was split between the boxes, but I was having some issues with printers.
I started out easy by bringing home four identical boxes from work. I tried to pick some out that weren’t too thick, as I wanted the kids to be able to knock them over. Once I picked out my boxes, I dug into my scrapbook paper and used packing tape to attach the solid white paper. Originally I wanted to use my white spray paint to coat the boxes, but Tony rolled his eyes a little at that one, so I adjusted.
The morning of the party, I was debating if I still wanted to play this game without the pretty picture of the AT – AT. I ended up just pulling out the duct ape again.


It didn’t come out too pretty as you can see, but the kids sure enjoyed hitting it with the bean bags I made. (A story for another day).
I guess the moral of this one is that anything can be fun. Kindergarteners just want to keep moving!
Play on everyone!

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