Star Wars Party


The next few posts will be about Arthur’s super awesome birthday party! It’s hard to believe my sweet boy is already seven years old! This year, largely due to Pinterest, I decided to throw both of my kids a birthday party. We have had small gatherings in the past, but never parties for them.
Settling on themes was easy enough. My son loves the Star Wars movies. We watched all six of the movies two weeks prior to his birthday and he was ready to watch them all again!


The idea for the invitations came from
This woman also threw a Star Wars themed birthday for her son, so she had a lot of great ideas. Making the invites was an adventure in itself, as my printer went to the dark side, right after I bought new ink cartridges of course!
I downloaded the Star Wars font for free off the net. There are a ton of free websites to do this. My mom instructed me to save the document as a PDF so my dad wouldn’t have to download the font as well. Luckily we worked all that out over Spring Break!
I knew I was on the right track when Arthur lit up just looking at the invitations!
One of the fantastic decor ideas I borrowed from her was also the backdrop.


I didn’t print out the Star Wars lettering to go on here, but I was really happy with the way this turned out. She used a vinyl tablecloth, which probably would’ve made Tony happier. I bought a king size black sheet (which I have plans to reuse, hence not going vinyl) and had Tony fling some white paint at for a ‘galaxy’ backdrop. Arthur and Chiara were most impressed!
I have so much more to talk about with the party, which will come gradually over the next few days. I hope you enjoy it all!

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