Train Photo Op


This was a fun, albeit chilly time spent with Arthur. He has been a big fan of trains for as long as I can remember. My theory is that the interest came genetically from my Papa! I saw some different pictures on Pinterest that inspired this shoot. I’m not referencing them because I didn’t use their actual ideas. The photos featured boys on train tracks. When I was discussing the idea with Tony, he suggested this retired train in Valley City, OH. When we drove out to see it, it was perfect!
The night before we were set to take pictures we made a trip to Walmart for his suit. I thought it would look really sharp (right as usual), and my poor boy had no dress shoes, so he needed a pair of those too. When we were heading to the train, I was looking for a hat to tie the look together. I was leaning towards his fedora, when Tony suggested the chapeau. Score one for my honey!
When we first got there, I let Arthur wander around and just take it all in. He was so excited because hello, train, and I wanted him to be able to focus on smiles for the camera.
The photo up top is the one that will be his 7 year old photo. We did however get a lot of great ones! I am pretty lucky though and have a good looking kid! 🙂


The only one taken at the engine. It’s obviously not a working train. It looks really good though!


This photo was probably my personal favorite! The only reason this one won’t be his 7 year old shot is I want to be able to see his face clearly. Doesn’t this look like it could’ve been taken decades ago?
For another great option for boy pictures, check out
Happy picture taking!

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