Belle Photo Op


The only reason I get a little sad as spring approaches is because that means my kids birthdays are coming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting that they’re growing up and we get to celebrate the coming year, but at the same time, we’re approaching the time when they won’t want to spend the day with their parents.
The original idea for this session came from a pin linking to which is an adorable image of a woman dressed as Belle, browsing the shelves at a bookstore.
I went back and forth on it, but decided to use the library instead of the bookstore. It was no big deal getting my little darling to put on her Belle dress for a few hours. She got the dress from the Disney store (thank you Nana) and it is just gorgeous! We weren’t a big fan of the Belle shoes, and not that you can see them in the picture, but she’s wearing her Rapunzel shoes.
She even cooperated before we left and let me attempt the Belle hairsstyle, but that’s another blog for another day!
Before starting with the camera I browsed the shelves and found a Disney Princess book for her to “read” during our shoot. I took maybe 20 pictures, switching poses quickly as her attention span isn’t the best at 3!
I’m looking forward to what her fourth year brings to my little diva, but I hope she doesn’t outgrow this dress up phase too soon!
For other girl photo ideas, check out last year’s photo shoot at
The original, pre – editing picture for the above shot was this:


This one was a little goofy for her 4 year old picture, but was cute not to share! All I did to prompt this smile was ask her “what do you think of when I say ‘tickle the baby’?”


Enjoy your own photo sessions. Remember that the best memory you’ll have won’t be the pictures you take, but the time spent with your baby. The picture will just be a reminder of that time!

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