Shoebox Charging Station


Mine wasn’t as pretty as the one on Pinterest, but it tends to happen that way. The site I pinned linked back to but I really just looked at the picture and guessed.


I started with a shoe box we had laying around the house. You need to make sure there is enough room for your power strip and the excess cord that you don’t want hanging out of the box.


I cut six holes in my box, one for each outlet on the power strip, but you need to think about what you’re plugging in. If you are plugging something in that covers an extra outlet, you may need fewer holes.


Here’s where mine seriously veered from the pretty picture. I failed to purchase the pretty silver rings to line the holes. I was looking at quick and easy, so aside from the fact that the holes aren’t quite round, the wrapping paper is held in place with tape. You can pick any wrapping paper you want, this dark blue was the only non-Christmas paper I had.


Here is where you see the difference this box will make! Look at all these crazy cords I am keeping confined with a simple shoebox! All that will be seen when looking at my counter is the ends of the cord, which is all I need.
I hope your shoebox charging station turns out at least as well as mine, if not better. I would recommend getting the silver rings to line the holes. I may end up adding mine later. We’ll see……

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