Man Bouquet

Man Bouquet

This is a really simple and yet brilliant idea. I’m amazed with all my Pinterest-ing lately that this idea never occurred to me! Originally this was going to be a Christmas gift for my husband, but one thing, and then another, lead to this becoming his birthday gift. Don’t worry, there wasn’t much of a delay, his birthday is January 2nd!
It was a little interesting though, as we ended up going on a last minute trip during my vacation from work. Being in North Carolina for a week made putting this together a little challenging! I’ve been picking up pieces here and there for a few weeks, so I had a bunch of stuff stashed in the closet. I just made sure to bring my bag with me!
You start with whatever “vase” you chose for your bouquet. I decided to go with a beer mug, only a few dollars at Wal-Mart, but I’ve seen these on other sites with actual flower pots as a vase. You then need some wooden skewers, think shish-ka-bob sticks, which you can get for around a dollar at Wal-Mart as well. The last general items you need for this project are a Styrofoam base, something the size of your vase to stick your skewers in, and tissue paper to disguise the Styrofoam.
After you have these basics, you just need to think about the person you are giving the gift to. For my amazing husband I started with some Duck Dynasty Duct Tape. He’s not a Duck Dynasty fan, but it’s camouflaged and has quirky phrases on it. I also found an awesome green Army man bottle opener on Tony had been eyeing this enormous BIC lighter at Wal-Mart so I grabbed one of them. He also enjoys RedBull and vodka so I took the idea from the original pinner for the mini-bottles.
Sad news that I discovered upon shopping for the booze, mini-bottles are not available for sale as individuals, you have to buy a pack of them. I know it will still be drunk from the mini-bottles, but this eliminated the variety I wanted to include.
Once you have all of your pieces, great fillers, as recommended by the original pinner, include items such as cigars, jerky and scratch-offs (I used some scratch-offs), you begin the assembly process. Wrap the Styrofoam in tissue paper, place it down in your “vase” and fluff up some around the edges. You tape your pieces to the skewer sticks and then arrange them in your “vase”. Keep heavier items such as booze or Duct Tape close to the bottom and lighter items like scratch-offs and cigars can fill out the top. The can of RedBull was too much to tape, so that item ended up resting in the beer mug.
Tony was so intrigued with what I was working on for him. When he finally got his gift, he just lit up like a little kid. He was impressed with the sheer size of the mug and we decided that it would probably hold two full beets! The little goodies inside were fun too.
Just remember guys and girls, it’s not always how much you spend on the men in your lives, it’s the thought you put into them. They want to know they are on your mind too!
Original pin and idea came from

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