Duct Tape Flower


How freaking cool is this? I’ve seen these in a couple of places and figured, if you can’t find the directions on Pinterest, where else can I find them? Well, find them I did! It was another one of those link off a link and so on, but oh, did I find them!
You start with a pencil or a pen that you want to flower-ize. Pick your duct tape and prepare to be busy for awhile.


You take a small piece of a duct tape and tape the end of your writing utensil.


You start making your petals with 2 1/2″ pieces of duct tape. Easiest way to do this is going to be find a particular finger length that is closest to that length. For me, that was the length of my thumb to the bottom of my knuckle.
You take your piece and fold the end into a triangle. You attach the squared off bottom to your pencil, wrapping the edges around it so the triangle side is sticking up. You can choose a random pattern, as I did, or continue around your pencil in a circle. I’ve seen them where people have alternated colors for a specific pattern, but I didn’t want to get super fancy on my first attempt.


This was a few layers in, and don’t worry, it will fill itself out the more layers you add. It’s easiest to do this if you put on a movie to keep your mind occupied. Once you find your groove, it’s easy to keep going! I was dealing with an impatient three year old, so mine wasn’t super full.


Once you get to the desired fullness of your flower, you can add a leaf if you’d like. I had some Minnie Mouse duct tape in the house, so while my leaf looks a little silly, it has an entire Minnie. For your leaf, you cut a piece slightly longer than your petal pieces, then fold it almost completely in half. Make sure you keep enough of the sticky side exposed to wrap around the pencil! Then you cut out a leaf shape from the doubled up part of tape and attach it the same way you did your petals.


Chiara was enthralled with her flower for quite a while and I see myself making some more very soon. Memo to self: pick up more duct tape!
To check out the site I got my directions from, go to http://www.wittyliving.com/kids-crafts/flower-crafts/2076-duct-tape-flower.html
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