Vinegar Socks

It sounds ridiculous, right? I’ve heard for years that vinegar will bring down a fever if you soak your feet in it. I’ve never had much call for this one though because if I get sick, it’s generally just the sniffles.
Being practical about it, it’s hard to get a three year old to leave her feet in a bowl of vinegar, so I’ve never tried it on the kids either. Chiara had a low grade fever yesterday and ended up passing out a little before bedtime. No big deal, I just laid her down early. Well, it became a big deal when she woke up at 11pm and her fever had spiked to 101.3.


Poor baby wasn’t feeling well at all!
As she was snuggled up, I went cruising Pinterest for some different options. I stumbled upon this site,
And she was saying that you soak some of your kids socks in vinegar, put them on their feet, wrap a towel around them and let them dry.


If the fever doesn’t dissipate completely the first time, do it a second time.
It worked! It was amazing, albeit stinky, but it brought her temp down to a reasonable level by the time her socks had dried off.
After we took her socks off, we wiped her feet down with a baby wipe to get rid of the smell.
Aside from home remedies, remember to push fluids with a feverish child. In our case, we gave her a popsicle to assist with bringing her fever down. If you have any doubts, call your pediatrician. Never go against your parental instinct when it comes to your babies!

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