Duct Tape Placemats

This was something found by default. A link from a link off a pin. Fun, right? Tony and I picked up some fun duct tape for the kids a few weeks ago. Avengers for Arthur and Minnie Mouse for Chiara. We had some crazy ideas on how to use it, but we never did anything with them. Today I was picking up some duct tape for a separate project. It was decidedly girly, so Chiara has claimed it. Looking through assorted links, I stumbled on this.


You start by getting 2 types of duct tape that work well together. I had the Avengers stuff and the industrial gray stuff. The original directions say to use 2″ duct tape, mine was only 1 1/2″ so I adjusted accordingly. Feel free to check the original site for those directions, I’m just going to post what I did.
For the strips that will run length wise, cut strips 40″ long. Once it’s cut, fold it in half, so there is no sticky-ness exposed. Easier said than done.


After some trial and error, and destroyed strips, the easiest way I found to do this was taking the far right end in your left hand, hold the center with your right hand and fold over while matching the ends. Whatever you do, do not try holding the ends together in the air and press together! It doesn’t work!


You’re going to make 6 of the length wise strips that are the 40″, folded in half, so you have 20″ strips. You’re going to make 9 strips that are 28″, then fold them in half so you end up with 14″ strips.
The original directions say to tape your length wise pieces to your work surface to hold everything in place. I prefer a challenge, so I just started doing my basket weave.


You’re going to keep weaving until you end up with a mat, rough around the edges, yes, but we’ll fix that!
Make sure you tighten everything up, possibly using a little clear tape, so you don’t leave any gaps for food to leak through. Once you have everything tightly woven together, take more of your duct tape, or a contrasting tape, and lay a strip long enough to cover the entire length of the mat. Lay it so it is sticky side up, and lay your rough mat edges over the tape. Cut another piece the same length and lay it over the edges, sticky side down. There you are, edges concealed!


Here is the other finished product. I was really happy with how these turned out. Arthur was really excited about his new placemat and Chiara was almost too wound up to sleep when I told her I was making her one. The best thing about all of it? With all the fun duct tape choices there are now, there is an infinite number of possibilities!
Happy weaving!
Original directions came from http://m.voices.yahoo.com/contemporary-placemat-craft-project-duct-tape-place-214780.html

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