Stop a Sneeze? Not Really!

This was something that, while not particularly blog-worthy, was hilarious when I tried this today. I love those little pins that list a bunch of little life-hacks. Just for the record, this is a term I have never heard before I discovered Pinterest and it’s hilarious reading them.
I have my own way to make other people stop before sneezing, one that works about 90% of the time. When I see someone building up to sneeze, I very loudly and quickly say, “Think of lettuce, leafy green and sometimes red!” It sounds stupid, but I’m telling you, it works! Usually, because it’s said so fast, they stop sneezing and say “What?”
Sadly, this only works on other people, not on myself. The pinner of life hacks says that if you feel a sneeze coming on, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and it will stop the sneeze.
Tried and failed. I looked ridiculous too! I would never tell someone not to try something, but this was a fail from my perspective.
I will however stamd behind lettuce thing. Remember: loud and fast. It confuses people and distracts them from their sneeze!
Original pin and many other life hacks can be found at

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