Popsicle Bow and Arrow

I’ve been excited to try this one for awhile now, but I was doomed to disappointment. You start with popsicle sticks, dental floss, a sharp knife and q-tips.
You cut 4 small notches into your popsicle stick, 2 on each end. Once you have your notches carved, they should look like this


Then you soak them in water for at least an hour to soften the wood. Once they’ve soaked long enough, you take them out and gently bend them, then tie your dental floss from one set of notches to the other. This is where it all went wrong.


I’ve successfully bent assorted pieces of would, but they need to be thinner than popsicle sticks apparently. Both sticks that I had soaking broke at the bending portion of the program.
I can’t reference the original pin because the link is no longer good. This is one sad Stevie today!
I may look for some thinner sticks to attempt this later.
Assuming you manage to make this work, you then cut one end off of your q-tips to make your ‘arrows’. Try to be adult about it and don’t use toothpicks!


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