Color Splash


I’m a proud mama! She is such a good sport usually about pictures, but today I had to bribe her with candy. I get my pictures and she gets something sweet.  Win-win!
I started by putting her in a brightly colored tutu, which oddly enough came with a pj set, and a fitted tank top. I decided to leave her barefoot for the picture, she used to be terrified of grass and would not let her feet touch it, thankfully she got past thay. I carried her outside and tried to set her down, but she refused. This is where the bribery came in. Candy for cooperation.  She finally decided to cooperate and let me set her down. Then I told her to run away. She is a really fast runner for such a short person! I have the BEST PHOTO option on my amazing Samsung Galaxy S4. It takes 8 photos in rapid succession so you can get at least a few that are not blurred!
For more details on that product check out
I ended up with a few I like, such as this


A little cropping to get closer to her and then it was on to one of my favorite photo editing apps: ColorSplash Effect Pro. I have to thank my friend Jenna for introducing me to this app, back when I had my iPhone, because I have had a lot of fun with it.
This particular idea came from an image on Pinterest, where else?! Check out the inspiration for today’s photo shoot at

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