Personalized Labels

This is not a DIY post, but super cool nonetheless. Christmas is coming, as recently stated, and I’ve got a lot of Pinterest projects in the works for it. Some of them will require a label, and I’m not feeling up to making them myself.
I found this amazing site recently,
You can choose specific styles for your labels, what you want written, and even select a picture to use.
I spent about an hour fiddling with the specifc layout I wanted before I chose the two styles I needed. There are a lot of choices!
I’m going to be making some caramel dip to go with an apple for the kids teachers this year and I wanted labels for that. I’m also about to attempt making my own vanilla extract, so that definitely called for some labels.


They came in the mail a few days ago and I just looked and grinned for a few minutes over them! Tony gave me a goofy look over my expression, but oh well.
I’m so excited to start on my projects, even more so now that I have these adorable labels to use. Head over and check them out. Maybe you can use some for your own Pinterest endeavors…….

2 thoughts on “Personalized Labels

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