Love Clears the Vision


I’ve posted about Nora Roberts / JDRobb before. She’s a brilliant author and one of the few that I can read over and over again. I may borrow her books from the library, but I pick them up to own more often than not. My goal is to own them all, and there over 200 novels written under Nora Roberts and that doesn’t touch on her JDRobb series!
I can usually pick up on similarities between books, but each story manages to be fresh and unique. Her characters may have similar traits to those already written about, but everyone has a uniqueness about them.
I think the most amazing thing about her writing, is her understanding of life and love. I’ve been reading romance since I was 13 years old and, I’m not going to lie, I started with Johanna Lindsey style writing. Big, burly heros. Plucky females, in need of a man to save her. I enjoyed them, but Nora is great for writing strong and confident female leads.
The women she writes about are both delicate and shy or strong and confident. In Chasing Fire, her heroine, Rowan Tripp, was a smoke jumper. You know, those brave firefighters who jump out of airplanes to fight wildfires? Can’t exactly be delicate to do that! Then she also writes characters like Tia Marsh, in Three Fates, who is a hypochondriac, nerdy to the extreme and insanely delicate.
Reading her books now, as a married woman, mother of two kids, some of the things she writes hit a little closer to home. As a teenager, the phrase ‘love is blind’ seems romantic. From where I’m looking now, it’s a little childish. I love the way she phrased it in Memory in Death. The shot above is near the end of the book and I think sums it up perfectly!

“Love clears the vision. You see better, sharper, because you feel more than you did before.”

I can’t even imagine having those insightful thougts just come to me. Once you read something like that, it never leaves you, kind of like, real love.
A little more philosophical than I usually get, but I finished reading that book tonight and it was winging around in my head. Where better to express myself than right here?

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