Christmas Prepping

Some people may scoff, but Christmas is coming. I feel a little like a slacker this year. Last year I was almost done at this point and only had a few small things to pick up. I really think it was all my spring vacations that messed with my master plan. You won’t hear me complain though because Gettysburg, St. Louis and a week at home made for a very nice spring!
Now here we are, it’s the end of August, and I’m launching into full Christmas prep mode! I placed a few orders online for an assortment of products from Amazon. Other than one gift for Arthur’s birthday and a great many Kindle books, I’ve never placed an order on Amazon. I got some great deals on some items to do some Pinterest-y things.
I’m so torn between wanting to post these projects as I complete them, or waiting till after Christmas. There is always the anonymity of not posting the names of who is getting them, but I want them to be a surprise! Grr!
I’m so excited to get started on these projects on Tuesday. The first one I can even enlist the kids to help!
As a kid, you don’t get it when people tell you that it is better to give than to recieve. As an adult it becomes more and more obvious. I love that moment when the perfect gift for someone pops into my head! It’s even better when you can see their face when they realize what it is! 
Any exciting gift ideas for Christmas? Anything you think would make a great gift, that would make a nice post? Something you think I should try?

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