Picture Layouts


I’m sure it’s come up in previous posts, but I am a picture freak. It’s not necessarily just the pictures I’ve taken myself either.
We recently pre-ordered The Little Mermaid on BluRay from the Disney store, mainly because I wanted the beautiful lithographs! I already have several sets, Brother Bear, Aladdin, The Emperor’s New Groove and Finding Nemo. I’ve only had Aladdin framed professionally.


It was beautifully done and it’s been hanging in Chiara’s room since she was born. I’ve got some big plans to have The Little Mermaid’s lithographs framed in a similar style.
Looking at the lithographs, I realized that I may be able to use regular picture frames for some of them. Not the Little Mermaid though because they’re a little goofy in the sizing.
Once we settled on The Emperor’s New Groove for Arthur’s room and I got them framed, I started thinking about how I wanted them to hang on the wall. Usually I just eyeball it when I hang pictures, but I wanted this to make a statement.
My solution: dig out Tony’s laser level, and end up torturing him into helping me. I was super insistent about the exactness of 2″ between each frame and it made him insane! That’s what love is all about after all!
As you can tell, the final result was amazing. I also love the way the simple black frames look against his mint green walls. What’s your opinion?
I realized, after the fact, that I have another pin that would’ve saved a lot of time on this. Oh well, some other time!
Original pin and even more ideas can be found at http://indulgy.com/post/R5DVouiJO1/great-picture-layout-ideas

5 thoughts on “Picture Layouts

  1. want to come over and hang some picture frames of mine? My weirdness with frames and spacing drives Al nuts too! It must be a guy thing.

      • You don’t need kids as an excuse. Mommy doesn’t have any “kids” per say – just us fur kids. That didn’t stop her from decorating the Hotel Thompson like Mickey Mouse blew up everywhere. 🙂 it’s what she is. No need for excuses my friend. XOXO – Bacon

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