A Parent’s Homework


My babies are my everything. Nevermind the fact that my youngest is 3, they will always be my babies. I would do anything for them, up to, and including murder, but parent’s homework is a killer in itself!
It’s been 3 years since we enrolled Arthur in preschool and I do not remember going through all of this! Since he has started kindergarten, I have probably done over an hour’s worth of forms and applications! Some of them seem very, very similar too, so it all feels a little redundant!
Now we’re going through the enrollment process for Chiara, and I’m losing my mind over this! We’ve got our appointment tomorrow, that meant I had to complete my online registration for her tonight! Argh! Then I’m reading the list of all these documents that I need for this meeting tomorrow.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep a copy of my kids’ immunization records at home. Also, Chiara was born in the state of Ohio, and unlike New York, where Arthur was born, you have to pay for the birth certificate. In New York they give you the document for free. Replacements have to be purchased, but the original is free.
So now, while I go to some appointments in the morning, I have to send Tony on a mission to the Department of Health for her birth certificate and, if my appointments run over, to the pediatrician’s office for her immunization records.
Do we ever really understand as children, what our parents do for us? Not the paycheck they bring home, or the dinner they put on the table, but in the amount of time theh invest in us? You spend time with your kids, but you have to put a lot of time into them, even during your ‘me time’ after they’ve gone to bed!
Tell your parents thank you! I’m definitely calling my mom tomorrow! If I have the time between appointments…….

One thought on “A Parent’s Homework

  1. It’s just another joy of parenthood. Wait until you have to sit every night with your child and do an hours worth of homework. Madison had a ton of homework last year. 🙂 Not to mention her dance lessons, swimming lessons and what ever else we have keep her busy. It’s a lot of running around. At times I get frustrated but it is so worth it to see my children happy and smile. I don’t know what I would do with out my crazy monsters. I wish they would stay this little forever!!!!

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