Edible Margarita


I figured this for a Fourth of July treat, but for some reason we never bought a watermelon. Complete laziness? Absolutley! When I mom brought the kids back after their week long excursion, she gave us a watermelon. It’s been sitting in the fridge for a bit, but I felt today was the day!
We’re leading up to inventory at work, so needless to say, I’ve been a little stressed out. After having a delicious dinner, prepared by Tony, I asked, ever so sweetly, for him to go get me some tequila and coarse salt. He’s a little soft on me, so he did. It was also an opportunity for him to resupply on Bud Light.
I sliced the watermelon a little goofy, but I always do. The kids who were so anxious for some, didn’t even want their’s. Silly kids.
Word to the wise. Cautiously add tequila! I over soaked mine and boy do I feel it! Then you dip your watermelon in coarse salt and bite! Yummy!!

Watermelon margaritas have always been some of my favorite kinds. The taste is great, but again, don’t over-soak your watermelon!
Sadly the original pin doesn’t link to anything anymore, so I can’t share credit. Feel free to check the original pin on my ‘yummy’ board. Follow my Pinterest interests! Stephanie DeSantis


2 thoughts on “Edible Margarita

  1. I will gladly eat watermelon, rind and all, any day at any time. Mommy says I’m too young to partake in this concoction of tequila bliss, but she will give me some melon while she does. I think she liked your post. Thank you! XOXO – Bacon

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