A funny moment


This wasn’t anything super difficult, although I did have to figure out my new picstitch app…… What a pain that was!
Tony took these pictures months ago, but as soon as I saw a particular picture on Pinterest, I knew I had to do this to my Daphne pictures.
A little background on my Daphne-cat. She’s been with us for about 7 1/2 years. She was around one year old when I found her outside the loading bay at my Walmart. She was just sitting in the drizzling rain, meowing, just being so pitiful. I was on third shift at the time, so I called Tony to come to my store and pick up my new baby. She is the most affectionate cat. She’s also great with the kids. Even with provocation, she has never clawed them. The puppy is pushing her patience level to new heights, but she’s just the best!
Enjoy this for what it is: a cute animal moment!
For my inspiration, check out my board ‘freaking hilarious’. Follow me on Pinterest, Stephanie DeSantis


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